House of B

We are the best American diner in town!

At House of B you will find the best and freshest burgers in town. We grind our meat fresh every day and produce our patties ourselves in the stores. We do not use any pre-made or frozen products. Our buns are freshly baked every day by us and by ourselves. We only use ingredients from regional suppliers that we know personally.

Our fries are so delicious! We offer you a choice of fries, sweet potato fries, cheese fries and chili cheese fries.

Our shakes are famous and notorious. They round off your menu to a perfect cheat day menu.


Why we are best one in town? Let us explain.

Inspired by the tradition of burger joints in the American metropolises, the House of B is supposed to convey a feeling of urban culture through its appearance. from the design of the "to-go" bags to the art on the walls to the cool look of the HOB crew, an atmosphere is created that lies somewhere between Brooklyn, Upper East Side and the Meatpacking district.

Our credo is to offer the freshest and best burgers by far and make no compromises. That means: no experiments, no gimmicks and no 30 variations of a burger. The House of B concept is carried out with great attention to detail. guests, products and atmosphere are what it's all about. Only fresh, top quality products from local producers are used.